A Brief Review of Roamin Gnome Slots Machine

A Brief Review of Roamin Gnome Slots Machine

The Roamin Gnome slot game, created by Cryptologic, is known for featuring an extremely unique visual theme. The basis of the game is a gnome that has travelled around the world, visiting many popular countries and experiencing their culture. Each country he has visited is represented as a postage stamp symbol, complete with the countries flag, and an image of the gnome in that country’s cultural clothing.

Complete with a fully animated background, the Roamin Gnome slot game stands apart for the obvious amount of effort that has gone into making the game original and creative. The only sore point of the game is that it lacks a soundtrack of any kind, which is a touch disappointing.

In terms of game play the Roamin gnome slot game uses a five reel, thirty play line system, with freedom given to the player to raise and lower betting lines as they prefer. This makes the game deeper and more strategic than other similar casino games available online, which will surely appeal to experienced slot game players. Take note that the game also has a number of interesting bonus features that add to the game experience.

Symbols in More Detail

The already mentioned gnome of the Roamin Gnome slot game features prominently, appearing in almost every symbol of the game. The most valuable symbol, however, does not feature the gnome, but rather his passport. This symbol will pay out a great deal of money if matched five times, making it a welcome sight on the reels.

The next most valuable symbols are the gnome’s suitcase, followed by his camera, both of which are less valuable then the passport, but will still be sought after for valuable matching sequences. The next most valuable symbols are the gnome in the United Kingdom, and in Mexico, which seem to have been the first stops on his journey.

Next come the gnome in France and in Japan, with the least valuable symbols in the game being Russia and Australia. In order to really get big payouts in the Roamin Gnome slot game, the player must turn their attention to the two bonus play symbols.

Roamin Gnome Big Payouts

The wild symbol in the Roamin Gnome slot game is the gnome prior to having gone on his journey. Dressed in a classic red gnome’s hat and looking excited about the journey ahead, the gnome will match with any other symbol and create a matching sequence. Note that he will also match with himself up to five times, which the largest single payout available in the game. The plane symbol is the scatter symbol, which means that it will match, even if not sitting in adjacent positions on the reels of the best online casino games Canada. Upon the plane symbol being matched a mini-game will be triggered, opening on a second screen.

The second screen will show a map of the world, with all available travel destinations highlighted. The player must select destinations for the gnome to travel, with each destination being worth bonus money. The values of each destination are random, of course, meaning that the game is simply a matter of luck.

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