Review of Kathmandu Slot Game for Players

Review of Kathmandu Slot Game for Players

There are a few locations in the world that hold a sense of intrigue and mystery, beckoning visitors with their promise of exotic locations and breathtaking beauty. Tibet is one of these locations, and Kathmandu, the capital, is a legendary tourist destination. Famed for being almost completely isolated from the rest of the world, with mountains towering up on all sides, Kathmandu has a rich culture that is both interesting and enticing. Of course, not everyone can travel to such exotic destinations in person. But they can visit via the Kathmandu slot game.

The Kathmandu pokie game aims to capture everything that makes the real world location such a favourite for adventurous tourists. The curious architecture is recreated beautifully, and the unique art style compliments the warm colours that exist in that part of the world. All in all, the Kathmandu slot game is a treat for the eyes. But, of course, slot games are not all just about being pretty to look out. Let’s explore the Kathmandu slot game more closely in terms of play mechanics.

Kathmandu Slot Game Play

The Kathmandu slot game focuses on simple, streamlined play. Using a 5 reel play system, there are only 9 betting lines. The betting lines are, however, manually adjustable, which means that strategic play is a possibility. The less betting lines mean that wins are less frequent, but are also a great deal more valuable. Skilled players will lower betting lines for low payout periods, and raise them again in anticipation of big wins. It’s a fun, thrilling system that offers much in the way of big payout opportunities.

The bonus system is also interesting, activated by matching the bell symbol at least 3 times. 15 free spins are granted, during with the prayer wheel symbol and building symbol become wilds. The free spins are always highly lucrative, and have the chance to be reactivated if matching the bell symbols again. It is not the most unique or imaginative online casino gambling bonus system, but certainly one that can put smiles on faces with big cash payouts.

Symbol Designs

It has already been said that Kathmandu is a beautiful game, and the symbols are certainly well created. The symbol showing local architecture is the most valuable in the game, and will please as much with payouts as it does with its pleasant appearance. The second most valuable symbol is the elephant, who may not look especially thrilled about it, but will certainly thrill the player if matched the maximum of 5 times. The low value symbols are the 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace of traditional playing cards.


The Kathmandu slot game is available on smart phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. The game may be downloaded as a stand alone application, or may be played directly via a web browser, such as Google Chrome. A free version of the game is available, but a real online pokies version also exists. Remember to create an account and deposit funds if wanting to play the real money version.

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