A Guide to Playing Just Vegas Slot Game at Online Casino Site

A Guide to Playing Just Vegas Slot Game at Online Casino Site

The Just Vegas slot game was created by Cryptologic. It features a theme based around the nightlife in Las Vegas, including all the glitz, glamour, good-looking people, and neon lights. The theme is relatively well realised in terms of visuals, with detailed images and respectable animations.

In terms of sound, however, the game is a bit of a let down, using only a single, constantly repeated tone that triggers every time the reels are spun. This can quickly get annoying, and players may be looking for the mute option before long, which can be found in the upper left of the play area. The game play system used is a standard five reel setup, but does not allow players to adjust the betting lines. Instead the All Pays betting system is used, which indeed offers a great deal of ways in which wins can be achieved, but it does in turn rob the game of strategy and interactivity.

Players who enjoy simply sitting back and watching the experience will like this system, but those looking for a more in depth slot game experience will not be impressed.

Closer Look at Symbols

There are a great many interesting symbols used in the Just Vegas slot game, with plenty of variety and unique designs. The man sipping a martini, perhaps a James Bond reference, is the most valuable symbol in the game, and will pay out an exceptional amount if matched five times. His value quickly dwindles, however, with a four and three times match offering only a modest payout.

The next most valuable symbol is the lady in the red dress, who is less valuable then the man, but will still be a welcome sight. Next is the mature gentleman standing in front of his fancy car and private jet, which may be a butler, or may be the owner of the expensive vehicles. Four symbols have equal value in the next position, with the bust of Caesar, fish, pile of money, and Egyptian symbol all worth the exact same amount.

The least valuable symbols in the online pokies game are the traditional nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. The developers of the Just Vegas slot game have clearly gone through some degrees of effort, however, as each playing card symbol has a total of four different designs.

Jackpot Payouts

In the Just Vegas slot game there are two bonus symbols. The first is the word Vegas written in gold, which acts as a wild symbol. The wild symbol will match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence, excluding the scatter symbol. Like in many pokies at online casinos for Sri Lankan players, this makes the wild symbol extremely valuable, but also a rather rare sight on the reels as far as this game is concerned.

The scatter symbol in the game is another interesting variation from the norm, coming in three distinct different variations. It can be seen as either Roman, Egyptian, or Asian themed, with each variety paying out different.  The Asian variation grants a ten free game instant payout, which can be retriggered if the same scatter symbol is matched during the free spins at any online gambling casino.

The Egyptian variation is the most valuable, paying out fifteen free spins, which may also be retriggered. The Roman variation is the least valuable, paying out just five free games, but also with the chance to be retriggered.

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