Throwing Light on Cash n Curry Slots Machine

Throwing Light on Cash n Curry Slots Machine

Cash n Curry is a classic type of online slot game that is themed around an Indian restaurant. The game has all the elements of a classic slot mixed in with the particular theme. It is not incredibly immersive as the main focus is on spinning a winning combination but, unlike most classic online slots, there are certain bonus features.

Cash n Curry was developed by Microgaming and has a three reel and three row grid with only one pay line on which to land winning combinations. Only one coin may be placed on the pay line with a value of the coin ranging from denominations of 0.10 up to 10.00.

On the Cash n Curry Slot Reels

The classic Cash n Curry reels feature some classic symbols that are typical to this type of online slot game. These are the classic sevens, bars, melons and limes. The symbols that represent the theme of the Indian restaurant include poppadum’s, chillies, a pint of beer and a red ruby ring.

All of the symbols pay out depending on the size of the bet which means the bigger the bet, the bigger the pay-out will be. The highest valued Cash n Curry online slot symbol is the red ruby ring symbol which pays out up to 500x the bet with the highest bet in play.

The Bonus Spice Game Feature

Bonus Spice is the Cash n Curry main bonus feature. Three rows of Balti curries are displayed on the top left corner of the main screen. Each row is coloured red, green and yellow and when one row of matching colours is lit up the bonus game will be triggered.

The screen will then display a board of twenty four blocks on which to play like the screen of American sports betting displaying wagering options. There is a coolant meter on the left hand side of the screen which when empty will end the bonus feature. Each move around the board results in a prize depending on which block is landed on.

The blocks each have various rewards or actions that may or may not propel the bonus game. The blocks landed on may top up the coolant level, end the bonus feature or move the player on to another position. There are also blocks that reward a guaranteed winning combination on the reels which are immediately spun and there are blocks that reward various multipliers. The most rewarding block to land on is the curry go round block which awards 500x the original bet amount and offers the opportunity to repeat this win up to three times.

The Hold and Nudge Features

Cash n Curry comes with both hold and nudge features which are triggered randomly at any time during the game. When the random hold feature triggers any one reel may be held for one more spin in the hopes of forming a winning combination.

The random nudge feature allows one reel to be nudged down one position in order to possibly form a winning combination. The random nudge may be banked until the next spin.

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